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About Us

Exquisite Meubles is a family business that was established in 1993, yet its craftsmanship goes back 30 years, through its founder and managing director Hussein Chamra.

From humble beginnings from a garage we were known as Chamra's Woodcarving in the early days.
The business was incorporated in 2000 and changed to Gilt Decor Pty Ltd

We grew to become a market leader , with their excellence in antique revival, which are unique and combine master craftsmanship in both design and execution.

High End Furniture Fawkner

Exquisite Meubles combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to produce excellence in Antique revival.
It reproduces furniture from 16th to 18th century periods, being French, English or any style.

From the beginning to the end nothing is produced on an assembly line, which ensures a quality unobtainable in mass production factories. Yet Gilt Decor Pty Ltd employ craftsmen whose skills and attention to detail, make the pieces they make the antiques of tomorrow rather than reproduction.

Over the many many years we have been in business we have become a benchmark in the industry, supplying furniture to the high end Australian market at quality second to none.

Over the years Exquisite Meubles has demonstrated to the market that our experience and expertise is unmatched through out the whole of Australia and our capabilities in producing new designs and manufacturing them are limitless.

Clientele from all around Australia and even internationally come to us to turn their design ideas of traditional design into magnificent pieces, which will become the antiques of tomorrow.

Exquisite Meubles has become a benchmark in the industry, demonstrating authentic design and construction through pieces of high quality furniture, commissioned by people with a touch of excellence to give a final work of art.

This epitomises the high standard set for the company by its founder.

From start to finish quality control is ensured, from timber picking to finishing.

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